From NY Daily News:

A California woman said she had to make a terrifying jump from a moving Uber car in New York after being dragged down a block — yet Uber allegedly did nothing to help police track down the crazed hack.

Abbey Thomas filed her suit against both Uber driver Abul Hassan and the car service app itself in state court over a July 28 ride that ended with the shaken passenger making a death-defying leap from the car, landing hard on the street and rolling to a stop.

Thomas booked the Uber at 2 a.m. for a short ride from Lexington Ave. and E. 21st St. to her hotel a few blocks away, to avoid the rain and stay safe in the early morning hours.

Apparently, the ride was not worth Hassan’s time and he angrily tried to kick Thomas out of his car, according to the suit filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

When she refused and started recording him with her phone, he allegedly grabbed it from her hands.

Hassan then tried to forcibly drag her out of the backseat by her arms.

Thomas was “terrified and screamed for help,” which attracted the attention of passersby, according to the suit.

Hassan let go and got back into the driver’s seat, then “without any hesitation… shifted the car into drive and began to pull away, leaving (Thomas) in a perilous struggle not to fall out of the vehicle” as it traveled about 35 mph.

When Hassan slowed down for a red light, Thomas jumped out and rolled onto the ground.

She suffered cuts and bruises and was taken to Bellevue Hospital, according to the suit.

Thomas accused Uber of putting up a roadblock during the NYPD’s investigation of the incident.

“The NYPD contacted Uber repeatedly throughout the course of their investigations but were deliberately denied access to critical identifying information,” like Hassan’s full name, license plate and address, according to the suit.

Uber spokeswoman Susan Hendrick declined to comment, but said that Hassan was suspended from using the platform. She added that Uber will only hand over information on a driver to police when it receives a subpoena.

Hassan’s hack license has also been suspended, according to the Taxi & Limousine Commission.

The driver was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, according to police.

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