From the New York Post:

These Uber drivers will really know how to work the street!

Non-violent convicts like prostitutes, thieves and fraudsters will be allowed to get behind the wheel of Uber cars in two more states under a new plan the company is rolling out.

Uber wants to allow the former criminals to drive in Rhode Island and Connecticut by early next year. Drivers with similar kinds of convictions are already allowed to work for the company in New York City.

Under New York state law, only drivers with “serious criminal histories” — including homicide, vehicular manslaughter and sexual assault — can be denied a TLC license.

The TLC thoroughly vets drivers with criminal histories, said spokesman Allan Fromberg.

“The law prohibits the TLC from imposing blanket denials for misdemeanors, and allows blanket denials for felonies,” said Fromberg. “So we scrutinize every misdemeanor to determine if there is any risk to passengers, and if there is, we deny the license.”

The company will not disclose the drivers’ criminal histories to passengers under the program, which has already been approved in Connecticut and Rhode Island and is up and running in California, the officials said.

Uber officials said they are working to loosen driver requirements in the hopes of giving more people a second chance at life.

“Millions of Americans have served their time and want to earn an honest living,” said Uber chief executive officer Travis Kalanick. “To break the cycle of recidivism, we need to give them a second chance.”

Uber began working on loosening its rules earlier this year after California reduced the penalty for some crimes and changed them from felonies to misdemeanors.

Connecticut and Rhode Island also adopted new laws allowing convicts more access to jobs.

Current TLC rules forbids most people with violent or drug-related criminal convictions from getting a hack license.

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