Dear friend,

We have set up a petition on that calls on Governor Cuomo and the MTA to cease their collaboration with Uber in the agency’s otherwise laudable effort to make the para-transit system more cost efficient and effective for people with disabilities. Here is the link:

We oppose this collaboration along with the entire disability community because Uber currently discriminates against wheelchair users-and we shouldn’t collaborate with a discriminator against disabled folks in a program that was originally established for this community’s benefit. Below is the text of the petition and I am asking that you not only sign it but distribute this message to family and friends. It’s the right thing to do. Thank you in advance for your support.


The Metropolitan Transit Authority has begun collaborating with Uber in an effort to help improve the Access-a-Ride system for people with disabilities. However, as has been well documented, Uber is not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act in NYC by its refusal to provide the full complement of accessible vehicles for the disability community. Under NYC rules, taxis will have to be 50% accessible by 2020, but Uber refuses to abide by the same mandate.

Our petition demands that Governor Cuomo and the MTA cease and desist their collaboration with Uber- a company that discriminates against people with disabilities. Bad behavior needs to be corrected, not rewarded. Until such time as Uber agrees that 50% of its vehicles will be accessible, the MTA should only be working with accessible taxis in its long overdue effort to reform New York’s para-transit system.