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A Lee County woman is accusing an Uber driver of sexual assault.

The driver says he can’t believe this is happening and claims the investigation will find he didn’t do anything.

A Lee County Sheriff’s Office report states the woman had been out drinking with friends late Thursday. The night started in Naples and ended at the San Carlos Lounge, where the woman’s friend called for a ride because she claims she was drunk.

The woman told the sheriff’s office she remembers waking up in a car with the driver on top of her. When asked by a sheriff’s deputy if she was penetrated, she said yes but mentioned he did not ejaculate.

NBC2 spoke with the driver, who says it never happened. He says when the woman passed out, he reached back to wake her up, but he never got out of his seat.

The sheriff’s office had spoken with the driver, but he hasn’t been arrested.

Lindsey Mitchell says she uses Uber frequently, including to get to downtown Fort Myers on Friday night.

“I have used it in multiple cities around the country, and I do say that I feel safe.”

She says one of the biggest reasons she uses Uber over a taxi is because the ride is tracked through the app.

“I mean it can happen anywhere, to be honest. It can happen on the street; it can happen wherever you are. I just feel it’s more reliable being something that is trackable and if you feel unsafe, bring someone with you.”

Jamie Faranda says she uses Uber as well but says she always checks with the driver before getting in to make sure she feels safe.

“We don’t even think about the aftermath of what, who this guy could really be, this woman could really be when we’re sitting in a vehicle with them,” she said.

“A lot of times I say I’m staying with a friend like that, so I never let them know that’s my home address. Also, I’ll say that I’m meeting with a group of people, I’m heading over there. Just make sure they are well aware that there is other people that’s going to be around and you’re not by yourself,” Mitchell said.

An Uber rep tells NBC2 that the driver’s access to Uber has been taken away while the case is investigated and that they will work with deputies.

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